If there be not God, there is no miracle. If there be no miracle, there is no God, and this is the miracle of Christ crucified. They say, ‘You teach men the miracle of the Mass.’ We teach the miracle of Christ that He was born of the Virgin Mary by the power of the Holy Ghost for us men and our salvation. We teach the miracle that Christ died on Calvary for all men. For whom did Christ die? Christ died for sinners, and that is the miracle of Calvary. We teach the miracle of the Resurrection, that when Christ all shall rise again in His glorious Resurrection. We teach the miracle of the Ascension, that He who went up into Heaven shall so come again as we have seen Him go up. Our whole faith is miracle from the beginning to the end. It is all miracle. It is the miracle of God. And the greatest of all miracles to me is this: that I can say ‘He loved me and died for me.’ You cannot get any greater miracle than that. And so, dear brethren, death is swallowed up in victory, the sadness is swallowed up in the the gladness of God, and the agony in the peace of God, and the misery in the happiness of God. The redemption of Christ is infinite.

Father Stanton’s Last Sermons in S. Alban’s, Holborn, ed E.F. Russell, London, 1916, p. 295

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